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Grant Gustin outlined the plan for The Flash TV show… and we got to thinking

July 30th, 2017 by Marc Comments

It looks like DC’s TV and Cinematic outing could also be looking to use the ‘it’s all connected’ moto now too.

In a recent interview Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in The Flash has been talking about the aim of the series and it looks like it’s been set up literally since day one.

Infinite Crisis.

Oh, yes. Gusting has shared how the show would like to get to that stage on the show where the whole DC Universe suffers a cataclysmic event that results in all the earths/universes crashing together.

Obviously, within The CW shows we now have several universes: The first one being that of Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Constantine. The second being that of Supergirl. The third will be the one featuring Black Lightening and we also know that upcoming animated series The Ray will also have it’s own alternate reality. Not to mention Gotham and the upcoming Teen Titans series.

But let’s not forget that, in the DC universe there’s a place for all the shows, movies, comics and more.

So, here’s what Gustin said: “We don’t really talk about on a yearly basis but it was mentioned early on and that’s a goal. Obviously we’d have to go I think ten years to reach that. So there’s a possibility for sure. It’ll be fun to get there.”

In the very first episode of the CW’s The Flash, fans were teased with the possibility of the most famous DC Comics event possibly being adapted for television.

In the first episode, Flash discovered a newspaper front page from the future:

And at the bottom is the offlead headline: RED SKIES VANISH.

The red skies are something of a long-standing tradition of the DC comics when things get bad:

And then it got us thinking about the awesome Batman: The Animated Series, which featured skies like these:

Not to mention the skies of the SDCC Justice League trailer which had the skies turning red when the Parademons invade (here):

Add to this comments made by the movie Flash, Ezra Miller last year (here) which seemed to hint at both Flashes eventually meeting and we’re wondering… will we truly see a Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Emphasis on the Infinite? An event that may see character from all corners of the DC universe come together… imagine TV flash and Arrow meeting the movie characters in some way and acknowledging that there are other worlds than these (sorry, wrong franchise).

Well, wouldn’t that be something?

Thoughts? You know we want to hear ’em…

Source: Comicbook

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