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Hiro returns for Heroes Reborn… oh yes

March 28th, 2015 by Neil Cochrane Comments

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New casting announcements will hopefully be coming thicker and faster these days for the upcoming sci-fi series Heroes Reborn, which up until today have only included one returning cast member in the shape of Jack Coleman who is set to reprise his role as Noah Bennet.

However a whopper of a casting announcement has just landed which will have fans of the original series grasping for valium. Masi Oka has confirmed that he is set to return as the iconic time traveller Hiro Nakamura.

This should probably come as little surprise to Heroes fans since Oka’s first tweet after the announcement of Heroes Reborn at last year’s superbowl simply read “Time to dust off the sword”.

You could, however, be forgiven for thinking this was a joke or some kind of arrogant presumption on his part given the significant length of time it has taken to get confirmation of Hiro’s return but rest assured Heroes (and Hiro’s) fans, he’s back! YATA!!!

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