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Is Keeley Hawes set to play The Master?

March 16th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

Mark Gatiss has spoken on a possible return of The Master in Doctor Who Series 8.

Speaking to Adoro Cinema, Gatiss said: “I think anything is possible, but with this new Doctor, I think it’s important not to get stuck on old preferences.”

He added: “When I was little, Tom Baker took over as Doctor and had a complete change of monsters. The Zygons and the Krynoids are fantastic. It’s always nice to have new things.”

As per usual when it comes to Who news, speculation is running rife, with some fans theoarising that recently announced guest star Keeley Hawes will be portraying the seventh incarnation of the Doctors genius arch enemy, the Master.  We know that she will play Ms Delphox, a villainous banker with a dark secret – what if her secret is that she’s actually from Galifrey? If true this would mark the first appearance of the character in female form and also the first time we have actually seen a regeneration in which a Time Lord changes gender.  Its been hinted at before, but never explicitly shown.  Could this be the “not getting stuck on old preferences” Gatiss was talking about? Hmmm…

For now, we at FTN are looking forward to a reappearance from the Master in the future and Keeley Hawes upcoming role in the show, be it as The Master or not.

Doctor Who Series 8 will kick off later in 2014 on BBC One.

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