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Is Peter Capaldi the last Doctor?

August 12th, 2013 by Paddy 5 Comments

Rumour is rife that Peter Capaldi will be the final incarnation of the Doctor.

Remember that story from a few years ago when Harry Potter director David Yates was named as the director of a big screen version of Doctor Who? Remember how it disappeared almost as quickly as it had, ahem, materialised?

It appears now there could be more to it after all. It has been suggested on numerous sites that the BBC will allow the character to be killed off, in order to give Yates and the team at BBC Worldwide free reign to reboot the character on the big screen in 2015.

Of course there’s nothing concrete behind this beyond fan speculation, but if you factor in the fact that the BBC has been accused of finding it hard to give Who the budget and attention it deserves it might make sense to allow a subsiduary group to take the brunt of the cost of running it.

If nothing else look, how they’ve struggled to find the right time slot on a Saturday evening for the show. Then (SPOILER ALERT) there’s the small matter of John Hurt’s addition as a previous, unheard of incarnation of the Doctor which pushes Capaldi from the 12th Doctor to the 13th … which we all know is meant to be the character’s final regeneration.

As usual, time will tell … but watch this space ….

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Paddy Ryan, like Buck Rogers, is a man out of time. He's a loose cannon haunted by his past who, when he's not making painful attempts at humour, is busy watching as many geeky films and TV shows as possible. An avid reader, he has vowed one day to start that novel he's been talking about for years. Born in the late 70s, he's an 80s kid at heart who sees nothing wrong with spending hours upon hours watching season three of Robin Of Sherwood. Jason Connery wasn't that bad you know! He's got a million ideas for comic books but thankfully doesn't know anyone with the time to draw them and call his bluff on that one! The Empire Strikes Back is his favourite film, Doctor Who is his TV show of choice and when it comes to books ... well that's a whole other story! I'm Paddy Ryan and you're not...

5 Responses

  1. Sean Cummings says:

    Maybe, but I doubt it. And even if they did kill him off, they can bring him back because that’s how The Doctor rolls.

  2. Dingus23 says:

    Rumor is rife? No it damn well isn’t. You won’t find a shred of evidence for this other than what you’ve posted here and at Gallifrey Base.

    • Agragon says:

      Agreed. And Who’s prestige is very high. EVERY show claims to have budgetary problems and every accountant will tell you that every show wastes their cash. This isn’t the 80s with a cabal of insiders intent on ending the show. US exposure climbs ever higher and a reboot is ridiculous beyond belief. As stated, besides Gallifrey Base where is this rife?

  3. Ben Anonymous says:

    We do say in the article it’s mostly fan speculation and put forward a couple of things that may support the idea – isn’t this all part of the fun? Personally I think it all makes sense – not saying it’s going to happen – and love to speculate on such things. It’s a fun rumour and we make it quite clear it’s just that. (Marc)

  4. Adam Kitler Gunn says:

    i seriously doubt heis the last doctor as its the bbc’s longest running scifi show and one of its biggest cash earners. I predict the anniversay will be them finding way to reset his regenerations

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