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Is Ronnie Raymond Becoming Firestorm Once Again?

December 9th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Firestorm has been a character that’s been a part of Flash TV show since the beginning of the series in some ways. With Ronnie Raymond being the first character to become Firestorm with Martin Stein.

Then…he died…twice…the most recent being with him killed by the singularity in the Flash Season 02 opener. Yet many are expecting him to return in Flash Season 02. Mainly because we didn’t see him “die”. Meaning no body. And if actor Robbie Amell (who plays Ronnie Raymond) is any indication, it’s going to happen. On his Facebook page, he posted a picture of the Firestorm Matrix, with the quote “Hello old friend”.

What does this mean? Well, we’ll hopefully find out soon.

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