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Jack the Ripper Graphic Novel “From Hell” Set For TV

November 18th, 2014 by Andrew McCarroll Comments



FX is developing From Hell, a drama series based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, which was adapted into the 2001 feature starring Johnny Depp

The epic the 572-page From Hell tells the tale of Jack the Ripper with the killer himself as the main character. Detailing the events leading up to the Whitechapel killings and the cover-up that followed. The film instead focused on Johnny Depp’s Inspector Frederick Abberline

Don Murphy, who produced the film, is executive producing. David Arata (Children Of Men) will write the adaptation.

Alan Moore, who was disgusted that his “gruff” version of Frederick Abberline was replaced with an “absinthe-swigging dandy” and that the story was changed from an existentialist historical fiction into a mundane “whodunit”. This, being the first of the film adaptations of Moore’s books, was his first step towards disavowing all film adaptations of his work.

Presumably he will continue to have no involvement in adaptations’ of his work for the screen, big or small.

The book is nothing short of spectacular and I for one am very interested in seeing the graphic novel given time to develop on the small screen.

Source: Deadline

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