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Katie Cassidy Talks Becoming Black Canary, and Her Impact On The Remaining Season

January 16th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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With Oliver Queen “dead”, it’s going to be up to the other heroes of Starling City to save it from itself. Though Diggle and Arsenal will be ready, Laurel Lance isn’t taking a backseat, and will truly become Black Canary.

Katie Cassidy (aka Laurel Lance) talked with IGN about her character becoming Black Canary, and what that will mean going forward. Including how the rest of Team Arrow will react to her being a crimefighter:

“I think at the beginning, when she goes out onto the streets, Arsenal and the team don’t agree with it. So she’s just on her own. But eventually she proves herself, and they see that she’s following her heart and doing it for her sister; she’s avenging her sister’s death and honoring her sister, and will stop at nothing. They recognize that. It’s Arsenal who is the first to support her and says, “You know what? She’s smart. Even though she’s not trained, she’s good for not being trained, huh?” She’s training, but she’s not a professional. So they do end up coming around to it.”

Of course though, Laurel’s biggest thought as she dons the Black Canary costume is to avenge her sisters death. As we all know, Malcolm Merlyn drugged Thea into killing Sara, so how will Laurel react when she finds out…if she finds out?

“I think that Malcolm’s always been a target. She will find out who actually killed her sister. She doesn’t know at this point. But when she does find out, I think the audience will be really surprised. Her reaction isn’t what you’d expect.”

The arrival of Black Canary will happen soon, when Arrow returns on the 21st!

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