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Kit Harrington says he’s sorry to all the Game of Thrones fans…

May 10th, 2016 by Christopher Williams Comments

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It seems Kit Harrington truly feels bad for having fooled all the Game of Thrones fans. 


Last Sunday saw the resurrection of beloved GoT characters, Jon Snow. While speaking to EW about the whole deception, Kit actually felt it necessary to apologize saying, “…I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone.”

Of course there’s no need apologize here Kit, keeping a spoiler like that to yourself is just good form dear boy. There’s also no need to apologize because if you’ve read all the books and follow the GoT conspiracies and message boards because you are a huge GoT nerd like…oh say me for instance, then you never believed Snow was permanently done for anyway.

Yes the show does make mincemeat of its lead characters, especially the do-gooder ones, but more than character has seen a return from the death. Couple that with the belief (Like I have) that Snow is not a Snow at all, but rather a Targaryen meant to perch one of Daenerys’ dragons for the final battle, then there’s no way you thought Jon was gone for good.

Apparently though showrunners, writers and producers did try to keep the lid on this, even going so far as to use the code LC, for Lord Commander, in scripts and meetings. Damn, now if we could only get George R.R. Martin back to work before the show continues to finish the series for him.

Source: Yahoo!

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