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Kristen Ritter talks Jessica Jones Season 2 and The Defenders

December 28th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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I hope by now, everyone has watched the Netflix series, Jessica Jones. If you haven’t, close this article and go watch it now. Not because there are spoilers in this article, but because you need to see this show. Go… Seriously, Go watch it now.

Anyway, with all of the critical and commercial success of the show, people are obviously interested where it will be heading in the future. In response to this, during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Ritter stated, “It’s such a tricky thing. I’m not supposed to talk about that. But I think there is lots of story left to tell with Jessica and I really love playing the character. I would love to throw on her boots and leather jacket anytime”.

As well as this, Ritter was also questioned about Jones’ involvement in the upcoming Defenders series. Ritter responded, by saying: “Marvel and Netflix have proven they know what they’re doing. But it will be interesting to see how Jessica Jones fits in with those other guys because she doesn’t want to be a superhero. She doesn’t want anything to do with that. I have no idea how she’s going to be forced to team up with all of them”.

“She has these powers and this innate goodness in her whether she likes it or not. So she’ll be a really valuable asset to the team. She has super strength. She can fly. Those things come in handy”.

All in all, Ritter was being very vague. However, given the fact that we still have a year until her next series, and another two new series to debut before The Defenders, that is not shocking. One interesting thing though, is that she noted that Jessica’s attitude and experiences do not make her a prime candidate for a team, so that will be an interesting note to keep in mind, when the crossover occurs.

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