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Leaked page from Game of Thrones Season 6 script causes fuss online

November 5th, 2015 by Matt Gault Comments

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French actor Elie Haddad has risked a fan frenzy after posting a photo of a script from Game of Thrones season 6. The actor has been sharing photos of the sights of Belfast over the last few days, on Instagram.

Two days ago, he posted a photo of a script while sitting in the Europa Hotel in Belfast. Though the print is small, a closer look does reveal some of the text on the page, including the all-revealing word “khaleesi.”

Given the dialogue of the scene that Haddad was reading, his character is another new Dothraki addition.

The good guys over at Watchers on the Wall have attempted to decipher the photo in regards to the plot.


We can’t decipher all the wording on the page as it’s quite small (please continue to pick away at it in comments), but the scene appears to involve Dothraki men joking crudely about Daenerys. Whether this is just after she’s taken by the khalasar (the one seen in the season 5 finale) or at a later time, we don’t know.

The page contains comments such as “I like her,” and “I’ll bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.” It looks like the word ‘khal’ is on the page as well in a non-dialogue section.

One Dothraki man says, “I’d like to know what a khaleesi tastes like,” and another responds crassly, “Good. You can s#@k my d@£k.” And then they have a good laugh about it.

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Matt Gault is a sports writer and film fanatic. He is a fully-qualified journalist and has worked for BBCNI, Sunday Life and has been published on The Guardian's website. He interns at REDNI, sub-editing for the Belfast Telegraph. He studied at Queen's University pretending to like history and literature and then University of Ulster Coleraine, where he slacked off enormously for a year and somehow got away with it. He also enjoys Captain Morgans, The Sopranos, Led Zeppelin and Hunter S. Thompson which makes him a remarkably uninteresting person.

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