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Michelle Gomez says re-used Doctor Who filming location is important

July 28th, 2015 by Saxon Comments


Ok, major pinch of salt time folks, but Missy herself – Michelle Gomez – has been getting chatty about the behind the scenes filming shenanigans on Doctor Who.  

Remember last August when Missy made her first debut in the series with Series 8’s Deep Breath?  Remember that fancy garden she twirled around madly in?  Of course you do – as some eagle eyed fans took to every social media site ever made to say that it was the same garden Amy Pond stumbled in to in 2011’s The Girl Who Waited.  But whats the connection??


Gomez confirmed that, yes, it was all part of the plan: “Oh, there’s no coincidence in Doctor Who. Everything’s connected, that’s what makes it really spooky in a way.” She went on to hint: “Yes, there’s a connection yet to be revealed.”

Will this actually be the case?  Or is this just more misdirection from the cast?  After all, Doctor Who is known for re-using locations all the time – in the 70’s they were especially fond of the same quarry.

Doctor Who series 9 kicks off on September 19th.

Source: Cultbox

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