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New characters set for Arrow Season 7… could these be Blue Beetle and Lady Shiva?

May 29th, 2018 by Marc Comments


So, SPOILERS!, the end of season six of Arrow changed everything with Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow admitting he was the masked vigilante in order to save his city.

This resulted in him being sent to a Super Max prison which fans of the comics will know could be an awesome story development.

Star Stephen Amell recently said the next series will be filmed unlike any series that has gone before and while that could mean many things, we’re confident it means Oliver will have a story on the island, sorry, in prison, while all the other heroes in Team Arrow, Argus and The Outsiders will defend the city and fight bad guys.


But there will be new blood appearing too, including the new liaison with the police who will replace Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). So here’s the details:

Meet Jessie Bowden, “a recurring Caucasian 18+-year-old actress play as late teens to early 20s. She is the rookie recruit in the Star City Police Department and is both athletic, comedic, and intelligent. But underneath her youthful attitude, lies a woman who has had enough of vigilantes in Star City and is willing to get rid of them no matter what it takes. Think of her as Buffy Summers, if she was slaying superheroes instead of vampires.”

Next up is Daniel Porter, “a Caucasian actor in his mid-30s. He is an intelligent and homosexual technological entrepreneur whose creativity has given him a huge success as a businessman. But having gone through tragic losses in his life is something he hides from the people around him, thus struggling with shaping new relationships with others.”

Now the current speculation is that Daniel is in fact Ted Kord AKA Blue Beetle. Beetle has been talked about in the Arrowverse in the past, most recently by showrunner Marc Guggenheim (here) who has wanted I’m in the shows for a while along with his time travelling friend Booster Gold. for this reason alone we could imagine him appearing… also, his company Kord Industries has been name dropped several times in the Arrowverse.


Finally we have one last character:

“Konomi Rhodes, who is half Japanese as well as half Caucasian somewhere in her late 20s to early 30s. “Konomi” is a formidable fighter who ends ups clashing with the heroes of Star City. Her background consists of being a tactician in the military while also carrying on as a street fighter.”

Rumour at the minute is that Konomi could be one of the Longbow Hunters who were named at the end of Season 6 but, bigger than that, she could in fact Lady Shiva (although Shiva is Chinease in the comics).

Shiva would be an awesome character to introduce in the Arrowverse as, in the comics, Shiva is a match for Batman on a good day in hand-to-hnad combat. She is also an enemy of The Birds of Prey, the female hero team in the comics.

Which got us thinking, with Shiva being a link in the comics between the Birds of Prey and Batman could she be the main villain in the crossover event this year which will take the heroes from all the Arrowverse to Gotham City where they will meet Batwoman (here).

However, there is also some speculation that the character could be Emiko “Emi” Queen, the half-sister of Oliver Queen. On the island (in the comic lore) Arrow’s father Robert Queen and Shado had a secret daughter, Emi. Emi is the Red Arrow in the comics so she could be tied in to the returning Colton Haynes or she could be the city’s new Arrow during Oliver’s absence.

Man, isn’t it amazing to have a comic book TV universe where we are even able to have these discussions? We love it!

Who do you think the new characters are going to be?

Source: ThatHashtagShow

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