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Paul McGann has the feeling the eighth Doctor’s story isn’t quite over yet…

June 4th, 2016 by Shane Michael Comments

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Paul McGann the so called ‘Eighth Doctor’ after he starred in the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie has revealed that he feels like “there’s still a bit of potential” his incarnation of the Doctor to appear onscreen again.

McGann who also reprised the his role in 2013’s minisode ‘The Night of the Doctor’ told Doctor Who Magazine: “We’ve all got a shelf life… It’s not going to go on forever. I’m in the slightly unusual position, even from McCoy and Colin Baker in that, with the Eighth [Doctor], it feels like there’s still a bit of potential. It feels like it ain’t quite over… Often we’re subject to rumours, and rumours are only ever rumours. But because I came back to do the Doctor, it was all the proof these fans needed that there’s still life in this thing. I’m not that different. It’s only 20 years since we made the pilot. And I’m younger than Capaldi, not by much, but I am. What am I doing?! I’m not trying to talk myself into a job!”

The actor also discussed the plethora of fan petitions to give the Eighth Doctor his own spin-off TV series saying:

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but I’ll say it now… part of me wouldn’t mind at all. The material would have to work, like ‘The Night of the Doctor’ worked. That was clever and in-keeping. It would be pointless to come back and do something just for the sake of doing it. First and foremost, it would have to be a good acting job, to merit it. It’ll probably never happen, of course! It’s always probably never going to happen! But certainly if it did, I would…”

Very positive words from the Eight Doctor, would you like to see him return? Tell us in the comments!

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