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Peter Capaldi to enter the Dalek?

July 5th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

It has been rumoured for a while now that Peter Capaldi will face the Daleks early on in Series 8, specifically the second episode written by Phil Ford.

The latest teaser trailer seemingly added a lot of weight to their return with an oh-so-familiar voice which had some fans convinced was Dalek bad guy supreme Davros.

Now, according to the latest rumours over on, the 75-minute opener, Deep Breath, will be followed by a regular 45-minute episode entitled Into the Dalek.

The rumoured story, which fits the title, is that the Doctor and Clara will actually venture inside a Dalek! Think The Invisible Enemy but with a Dalek host ‘body’.

This does seem to be a very unique take on a Dalek story, and fits with what writer Phil Ford had previously said about the episode being set behind enemy lines.  Plus if the Doctor and Clara are to enter a Dalek, will they be miniaturised?  Does this have something to do with the mini Police Box which has been spotted during filming?  For now though this is all still rumour and speculation.

Doctor Who returns on August 23rd.

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