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RUMOUR: Doctor Who series 10 delayed until 2017

October 18th, 2015 by Saxon 16 Comments


We’re really loving Doctor Who at the minute, the last five episodes of series 9 so far have been excellent. But, according to our source, not everyone agrees… 

The BBC are allegedly panicking over the decline in ratings between series 8 and 9, and as a result the previously green lit series 10 is set to be rescheduled for April 2017, making the only Who related shows to be produced next year a Christmas Special and the recently announced spin off, Class.  Rumours have circulated for some time now that 2016 would see a series of specials, much like in 2009 with David Tennant, but this does not seem to be the case.

On top of this, should the ratings not pick up the incumbent Doctor Peter Capaldi may be set to leave the Tardis, as the current belief is that the 2016 Christmas show will be a regeneration storyline.  Our source claims that after Capaldi was introduced in Deep Breath as a grumpy older Doctor, younger audience members were lost,  which the BBC are desperate to regain.

If this is true, which we strongly believe (our source does not wish to be named but they are highly reliable) it’s a very poor decision.  TV ratings are a thing of the past, and a totally inaccurate way of judging the success levels of a show, thanks to on-demand, recording and overseas broadcasts.  As I stated at the beginning of this post, series 9 is, in my opinion, one of the strongest series the show has had since its revival in 2005, and Peter Capaldi is just beginning to settle in to the role.

What do you make of this?  Does it seem likely?  Sound off as usual in the comments.

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16 Responses

  1. Broski101 says:

    this is annoying. I love Capaldi as The Doctor. Who cares if younger fans don’t like him. They are probably the same younger fake fan girls who gush for Tennant and Smith and never watch Classic Who.

    • Fredricka says:

      I LOVE 12 as well, he reminds me of classic who docs, before they became “young and cute” to cater to teens. Now that the the ratings are dipping, they are all piling on PC..calling him “Old”(WTF?) “Low energy”(WTF?). “Miscast”.(WTF?)..Sad. I would really like to apologize to PC for this crazy ass fandom. The man deseves better.

    • Dissapointed whovian says:

      I’ve been watching classic doctor who, plus missing episodes as audiopictures format. I’m 24 old male. and I prefer Tennant, as he was playing the doctor the best way, out of my opinion.

      Capaldi is pretty good actor, and it’s DEFINETLY not about his age, it’s something else. it’s not easy being the doctor. I just can’t shake that feeling.

      • Fredricka says:

        Well. since PC is nothing Like Tennant(Or Smith). The something else could hes not a flirt, crys all the time ,spastic or trying to be human( Like 10). All which are WHY I like PCs doc.

  2. Katrina says:

    I call BS on this clickbait article. I’ve been hearing this crap since Capaldi’s first episode.

    I ADORE Capaldi. He had me from “Shush!”

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a teenaged girl who is a fan of Doctor Who (the revived series-sincere apologies to older fans, but I haven’t yet watched Classic-I’m working on it) and I honestly don’t understand why some of younger fans don’t like Capaldi.

    Yes, he’s an older actor, but so what? He’s done a fantastic job as the Doctor, and I’m not going to base my opinion of him on his age. That’s just ridiculous. And he’s not wholly unattractive himself.

    I admit I wasn’t really a fan of S8, but that wasn’t because of Peter at all whatsoever. It was the writing for me. My sister and I are really enjoying S9 so far. He’s just gotten settled in to his role this season, we don’t need another incarnation of the Doctor.

  4. Brian Combe says:

    The ratings numbers haven’t changed much but if they really want kids to watch they should put the show on earlier (before ‘strictly’ which spares me having to watch the last few minutes) and they should insist on toys. Walked around the local toy store the other day and all there was were aisle after aisle of American cultural icons made in China. There should be new Doctor Who things (made in China :-D). Currently the show has the nerds.

  5. Ella says:

    Wasn´t this nonsense with ratings posted first in Mirror? They love clickbaity stuff and this would certainly be so. Also, there was a message on twitter today that Peter may appear on Class in two episodes. We would also know by now. Jenna Coleman said in a very recent interview that she knows Peter is not going anywhere. This stuff is just recycled so I don´t know what your source is but maybe he read the Mirror and then decided to quote it. It is all a nonsense. Ratings are basically the same, just mainstream media love to kick into something that is successful when half of the nation watches rugby…and if there is anything wrong with the show (which is not), then Moffat, not Capaldi, who is bloody fantastic.

  6. Dissapointed whovian says:

    Bring back Tennant. and then your raiting will skyrocket, BBC.

    • Broski101 says:

      no Tennant had his time. Its time to move on and get over him. Its regeneration non degeneration.

    • Fredricka says:

      Tennant’s done. His time has come and gone on Tv as the Doctor. His zillions of fangirls wll have to deal with it and just listen to him on Big finish.

  7. Colin says:

    You won’t find a bigger Tennant fan than me, but his time is over. It’s hard to put into words how much I love Capaldi’s Doctor. He is the definition of amazing. If they change Capaldi due too this dumb ass shit…………I don’t know if I would or could continue to watch. It would be so hard to stomach losing Peter for such a stupid reason.

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