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Sam Witwer returns to Star Wars in Rebels Season 2… but as who?

March 5th, 2015 by Christopher Williams Comments

sam witwer being-human

Sam Witwer, a voice many Star Wars fans will recognize, appears to be returning once again to the Star Wars animated universe in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, and you’ll never guess who he is playing.

According to a source for website Making Star Wars, Witwer will this time step into the role of…wait for it… Emperor Palpatine.

How awesome is that!?

Anyone familiar with Sam Witwer’s Star Wars resume knows that he has already voiced the Son, an embodiment of the dark side of the Force, as well as rocking it as the returned from the previously thought dead Darth Maul. Of course he also voiced the main protagonist from the Force Unleashed video game series, Galen Marek. So it’s no surprise that Witwer would end up voicing on Rebels, but this role leaves him with some rather big shoes to fill.

Ian Abercrombie first voiced then Chancellor Palpatine on The Clone Wars, playing the character almost in perfect sync with his big screen counterpart. Sadly after Abercrombie passed, the role was then taken by Tim Curry. Though he did an admirable job, it was not meant to be as the beloved cartoon was cancelled before Curry could really step into the character.

As a huge fan of Witwer’s, I’m excited to see what he brings to the voice of Palpatine, as now he has become the disfigured emperor of the galaxy, no longer needing to have the false charm that Abercrombie and Curry delivered so well. Witwer has mainly voiced the dark and evil characters from the franchise, save for Marek who did start out as a villain, so I can see Sam as the perfect fit for a character whose all out evil can now dance in the limelight.

We chatted to sam a while ago about his career; you can find it here


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