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SDCC: WATCH – Zoom revealed as Flash season 2 main villain

July 12th, 2015 by Saxon Comments

flash promo image

I find things like this to be really, really tedious. 

Not the Flash as a show, no sir – it was one of the best things on TV last year.  No, it’s highlight reels that really wind me up – five minutes spent recapping the entire first season, topped off with some cryptic dialogue clips at the end while we have various shots of a speedster streaking along the streets of Central city hinting at whats coming next.  Well, we’ll tell you whats coming next – Zoom.  Zoom is up next.  That’s right, the one real new piece of information this highlights reel (posted below) has to tell us is that it will be Barry Allen vs Professor Zoom in The Flash season 2.

So if you’d like a 5 minute refresher on the events of season 1 check out the attached video.  If however your memory is perfectly fine, I suggest skipping to the end.

The Flash season 2 premiers on October 6th.

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