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Seth Rogen and Garth Ennis team up again for The Boys TV adaptation

April 7th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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We haven’t even seen the first episode of AMC’s Preacher series yet, but comics icon Garth Ennis must be happy with the adaptation, headed up by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Neal Moritz, because he’s given them the go ahead to bring his gross take on superhero culture The Boys to TV as well. Not only that, but network Cinemax have put it into development!

Deadline are reporting the news, and if you’ve never read The Boys before, you really really need to. It’s violent, funny, disturbing and very, very far from politically correct.

The story is this, in a world where superheroes (many of them parodies of well known Marvel and DC heroes and villains) are corrupted and cocky thanks to their celebrity status, someone has to keep them in line.

Bring in The Boys. A CIA squad who take names and kick ass, who have a licence to kill if they need to – and don’t worry, they do so more often than not.

Rogen and Goldberg are being joined by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke behind the scenes, who will also be handling writing duty. The duo will also direct, as with the Preacher pilot.

The Boys has had a rough time coming to the screen, being stuck deep in development hell for the last eight years. There had originally even been talks of a movie over at Columbia Pictures and Paramount.

Fun fact: the story’s main protagonist Hughie Campbell is actually based on Simon Pegg, who gave his blessing to the likeness.

It will be interesting to see just how far the guys at Cinemax will let them push this show, as the comics are some of the most foul-mouthed, violent panels you’ll ever cast your eyes on… even more so than Preacher.

Time will tell, but we’ll give you more details as we get them.

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