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Six complaints to Ofcom about Doctor Who’s lesbian kiss

August 27th, 2014 by Dave Bowling 3 Comments

Ofcom has received six complaints after a kiss between Madame Vastra and Jenny featured (above) in Deep Breath, the first episode of the new Doctor Who season.

Although the Victorian London couple, portrayed by Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart, have appeared as lovers for three years, their first on-screen kiss sparked some people to attack what they saw as a “blatant gay agenda”, according to The Independent.

The moment came about when Vastra, Jenny, Strax and Clara hold their breath to escape clockwork droids who can sense humans by their movement and breathing. As Jenny struggles to hold her breath, Vastra helps keep her alive with her own air. Apparently Silurians don’t need to breathe as often as humans. Or something.

While the scene received a positive reaction from many viewers, others claimed it was “unnecessary” and “gratuitous”, with one reviewer accusing the BBC of “wanting to become a porn channel”.

Alternatively, maybe some people just need to sit down, accept that this is Western Europe in the 21st Century, crack a beer open and chill the f*@£ out.

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