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SPOILERS: Six ways this week’s The Flash blew our minds…

February 11th, 2016 by Shane Michael Comments

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This week’s episode of The Flash blew open the whole CW DC TV universe with a glorious 5 second clip.

In the episode Barry, Cisco and the Earth 2 Harrison Wells travelled to Earth 2 through one of the 52 breaches on Earth prime. Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth 2, told them not to be distracted as they passed through the breach, warning them that they would see ‘everything’. What we saw as viewers were flashes of the DC multiverse. Take a look :

Green Arrow?


We see a glimpse of a hooded figure with a bow and arrow resembling in attire Green Arrow but it doesn’t resemble the Oliver Queen we know. Could this be Connor Hawke, the son of Oliver Queen and Shado from the comics? It’s already been established that we will see Connor in the Legends of Tomorrow series so this looks like some foreshadowing.

Flash of the 1990s


Another glimpse we see is of John Wesley Shipp as The Flash from the original series in the 1990s. Shipp also plays Henry Allen, Barry’s dad in the present day series and this was a nice throwback and bod to the fans.

Jonah Hex


Above is the first glimpse we have had if Johnathon Schaech as DC western anti-hero Jonah Hex. The popular DC Comics character is slated to appear in the Old West-set episode 11 of Legends of Tomorrow.



Reported a few weeks ago, The Flash will indeed have a crossover with CBS’ Supergirl and here we got the first seeds planted. Through the breach we got to see Melissa Benoist as Supergirl in flight which confirms that when Barry visits her world in March this year he will do by way of the multiverse.

Gorilla Grodd


There was a quick flash of Gorilla Grodd as well which seems random. However, it’s been widely rumoured that Grodd, last seen discovering Gorilla City deep in the jungles of Africa will return next season as the Big Bad and again this could be more foreshadowing.

THAT ring


As cool as the other Easter eggs were the most significant takeaway from this scene (at least for me!) was the vision of a Legionnaire ring!! Back in January Geoff Johns, CCO of DC Entertainment teased that we would get a hint of The Legion of Superheroes, heroes from DC’s 30th century in one of the live action shows. Does this mean we will see the Legion in the Flash further down the road? Hopefully sooner rather than later.. ‘Run, Barry, RUN!’

Add this to the motto on the wall of Earth 2’s CCPD: A free and Just Society’ and the fact that  Earth 2’s Flash had Bruce, Diana and Kal on speed dial on his mobile and we were in Derdy heaven…

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