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SPECULATION: Is there an Iron Fist movie coming to Netflix?

November 2nd, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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For many weeks now, there have been rumours building around a falling out between the Film and Television departments of Marvel Entertainment. While representatives of Marvel have denied this, if this next story is true, it tells quite a different story.

According to a new report, Marvel films is attempting to cancel the Iron Fist television show and replace it with a Netflix original movie. This is all to buy time, until they can gather enough money to produce a feature length film.

On top of this, Iron Fist would lose his slot in the upcoming Defenders series. This position would be filled with The Punisher, who is scheduled to appear in the upcoming second series of Daredevil.

It is worth noting, that all of this comes from an un-named source, and has not been verified by any of the major player in Marvel Entertainment. To be perfectly honest, I doubt this is the case, but I have been completely wrong before, if you want proof of that, go back to the article where I stated Hulk would not be in Thor: Ragnarok.

Source: PeelTheOrange


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