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SPOTLIGHT: FTN looks at web series Super Knocked Up

August 17th, 2013 by Julz Hendricks 1 Comment

Looking for a web show that has Superheroes, Super-Villains, and a baby? Look no further; Super Knocked Up is here to save the day.

Super Knocked Up is one of my favorite things on the web. Creator Jeff Burns has made a show that is not only super funny and witty, but also asked the question we all want to know. What happens when a Super-villain gets pregnant!

Dark Star is a beautiful super-villain that has a one-night stand with Captain Amazing, a Superhero. Captain Amazing is, well amazing, if not a little over confident. He is also adorable and funny. Girls, be prepared to have your heart stolen. The two become pregnant, and they have to learn to get along even though that isn’t going so well. We meet some interesting characters along the way. Dr. Destruction is in the Sinister Society and is always there to support Darkstar. Cheery Villain is quirky, funny and all together awesome. There is also Captain Amazing’s mom, who we all want to see more of. She is a fantastic actress and just wants what is best for her son. The cast is a perfect pick for this show.

Here is a little rundown for your Super Knocked Up fix! There are 5 episodes in season 1, and 3 episodes in season 2. The episodes are short, so they hold your attention and make you want to watch more. The special effects are wonderful. There is a lot that is put into each episode, and yes, you will laugh. The most recent episode is called “Super-baby” which gives you a little idea of what is to come.

With over 2 million views and counting, Super Knocked Up is taking the world by storm. Jourdan Gibson(who plays Darkstar) and Mark Pezzula (who plays Captain Amazing) are two of the nicest people that you will ever meet. Jeff Burns is a role model for every show creator. He is funny, nice and so humble. Jeff, Jourdan and Mark host a web show each week called Super Geeked Up. This show brings together fans of Super Knocked Up. There are fan questions, and they have special guests. This to me is so awesome, that they give their fans a voice. Really incredible! This past week I was honored to be on their “Geek Girl Extravaganza”. It was a blast! It got a ton of views because Geek Girls (and guys) Rule!

You can check out Super Knocked Up here at Also while you are there, check out the Super Mashed Up crossover episodes. They are incredibly funny. Of course while you are there watching episodes you must stock up on Super Knocked Up merchandise!

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Here is the latest episode of Super Geeked Up featuring yours truly!


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