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Star Trek fan to pitch series idea to Paramount

June 22nd, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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I am sure most people are aware what fan-films are. For those who are unaware, it is a project that is related to an already existing product, created by fans in their free time.

The quality of these projects can vary. Sometimes we can receive incredible feats of imagination, other times… well, not so much.

However, it seems that one fan may be preparing to go where no fan has gone before. Michael Gummelt is a long time Star Trek fan, who has written a fan script called Star Trek: Uncharted. This series focuses on a new crew of the Enterprise. It is set several decades after The Original Series, but before The Next Generation.

Here is where this story differentiates from most other fan projects. Gummelt got the chance to pitch his idea directly to Paramount, with the possibility of bringing it to TV.

According to Gummelt, when constructing this script, he said: “What I want for this series is for it to be the future – a Star Trek TV series that feels modern and feels futuristic relative to our current times. So, as I see it, Star Trek Uncharted is set sometime in the future, distant enough that it doesn’t really matter which universe it takes place in. It’s universe-agnostic. In my fantasy world where the series actually gets made, it would need to establish itself as its own show, with its own identity. Only once it’s accomplished that would it need to establish its place in the lore”.

I really hope that we get to see this happen. Yes, it sounds like a good premise for a TV series, but just think about how this would change the fan community forever. Studios may begin to pay attention to fans, to see if they have the best new direction to take a franchise. Here’s hoping Mr. Gummelt can get his series off the ground.

Source: CinemaBlend

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