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TELEVISION REVIEW: FTN reviews Being Human S05E05: No Care, All Responsibility

March 5th, 2013 by Jonathan Comments


Being Human S05E05
No Care, All Responsibility

Finally, things are coming together in the Being Human universe in the most emotionally intense episode since the penultimate episode of series 3. Things certainly are set up for an altogether different kind of finale than I’d wager most fans were expecting.

For the first part of the episode you’d be forgiven for thinking Being Human was once again going to give us another filler episode as it doesn’t particularly look like things are going anywhere fast. But soon, the excrement starts to hit the fan with alarming regularity. Hal is taking drastic measures to keep the monster at bay, Tom is smitten but it once again ends in tragedy, and Alex and Hal look like they’re about to get together only for all three of our characters to be apart at the close of the episode.

Oh, and it looks like the devil’s plans are coming to fruition.

The catalyst to all this is yet another one episode character, but what an episode to star in. Kathryn Prescott’s Natasha is at times worldly and charming depending on whom she’s with; her burgeoning relationship with Tom is sweet and her death is genuinely one of the more disturbing things Being Human has ever done. And it nicely brings a lot of issues to the forefront; Tom is now gunning for Hal, even if it wasn’t Hal who killed his potential girlfriend. It leads Alex to further investigate Captain Hatch which ends quite badly for her, trapped in her own grave. And it causes Hal to finally give in to the bloodlust and seemingly attack a bar full of people.

As is the norm for penultimate episodes, the balloon just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger for it to pop in the finale, even more so here with it being the finale for the whole series so a lot of this episode is set up for the inevitable showdown. But everything is exemplary across the board here; Damien Moloney is terrific as always, Kate Bracken adds new layers to Alex, and Tom continues to grow thanks to Michael Socha’s winning performance. It’s easily the best episode of the fifth series thus far and I’m eager to see how this all ends. Although Being Human is a show that you could easily see having a downbeat ending. It’s never chickened out on taking big risks which is one of the main reasons I love it, so who knows what will happen next week?

4.5 Nerds out of 5.

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