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The Mandalorian to show the rise of the First Order

September 30th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With just two months to go, the hype for Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian is reaching new heights with trailers and news seemingly popping up almost every other day and I for one am thankful.

Because firstly, it gives me new stuff to write about for you guys and secondly, it’s starting to look like it will fill in some spaces… little things we had questions with that weren’t answered in the movies.

So, as we already know, the Mandalorian is set five years after Return of the Jedi and roughly 20 years before The Force Awakens, this leaves a lot of time to fill in and a lot of story to cover, such as who created the First Order and what went so wrong with the republic that after Vader and the Sith were beaten it just went back into chaos?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Favreau and Clone Wars/Rebels show runner Dave Filoni talk a little bit about the First Order and what it brings to the Mandalorian: “This doesn’t turn into a good guy universe because you blew up two Death Stars.

“You get that the Rebels won and they’re trying to establish a Republic, but there’s no way that could have set in for everybody all at once. You have in a Western where you’re out on the frontier and there might be Washington and they might have some marshals, but sometimes good luck finding one.

“What could happen in the 30 years between celebrating the defeat of the Empire and then the First Order?

“You come in on Episode VII, the First Order are not just starting out. They’re pretty far along…So somehow, things weren’t necessarily managed as well as they could have been and the galaxy ended up in hot water again like that.”

So could there have been someone darker and more nefarious than Palpatine in the shadows pulling the strings? What if it was actually The Force Awakens’ Supreme Leader Snoke (played by Andy Serkis) that was in the background pulling all the strings? This could explain tie all the loose ends from the last Star Wars movie… like who on earth actually is Snoke and what does he have to do with any of it?

The Mandalorian will also be the catalyst to tie in all Star Wars cannon from all the movies to the Clone Wars TV series and everything in between joining everything into the one solid universe (I really hope we will see the return of Ashoka and Sabine from the end of Rebels… in live-action! – Ed).

Disney+ releases November 12th (or if you’re in Australia or New Zealand like me you have to wait an extra week for some stupid reason till Nov 19th) with the Mandalorian airing on the same day.

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