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There will be friction between The Doctor and Danny

September 5th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

Last week, Whovians were introduced to generic cardboard cut out Danny Pink, who was begging us to believe he was a former soldier and he’s all deep and stuff.  Oh and could it be more obvious that his sole purpose of being is to serve as a love interest for Clara?  

Well in Into The Dalek, last weeks “adventure:  it’s also established that The Doctor doesn’t take kindly to them there soldier types.  In fact its beyond established, it’s banged over the viewers heads.  So naturally there’s going to be a few sparks (or fists) flying when they do finally meet.

And according to Samuel Anderson who plays Pink, some friction is in store, although not necessarily for the reason you’d expect. “There’s a bit of friction that arises between Danny and the Doctor midway through the season,” he says. “And [Danny’s knowledge of math] is a tool for that friction.”

But what of his former soldiering duties?  “Danny is an ex-soldier and he’s an ex-soldier for a reason,” he told Hero Complex. “The Doctor isn’t sure about that when they first meet… He’s a bit of an opposite to the Doctor. The military training is there when it’s needed.”  There will also be disagreements between the two over Clara who just has her own interests at heart.  Pink went on to revel some of Danny’s backstory in an interview with The New York Post, “Before joining the school, he was a soldier in the British army,” he said. “But he left, for reasons that will be revealed throughout the season. He’s an everyday sort of man, which I think is neat, especially pitched against such a massive hero as the Doctor. He’s sort of a straight man. I would say I become a companion for the companion.”

Doctor Who continues with Robot of Sherwood this Saturday at 7:30pm on BBC 1. Here’s a little clip from the episode to tide you by until then…

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