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Transformers Combiner Wars is on the Way… From Machinima

July 9th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


In the last decade, Transformers has become one of the hottest IP’s in the world. Don’t get me wrong Transformers has always been popular, but when you have two billion dollar movies under your belt, that is a different kind of popularity.

While the toys are where the Transformers began, the cartoons are where they became household names. In the spirit of this, Hasbro has joined forces with Machinima, to create a brand new Transformers animated series; Transformers: Combiner Wars.

This series will be based off the toy line and the comics by published by IDW, both of which share the same name. Insiders report that it is the first time Hasbro have combined three separate mediums, to tell an overall story. Though the most interesting aspect of this series seems to be the fact that it is being targeted at a much older audience.

In a recent interview, Machinima’s Chief Content Officer, Daniel Tibbets, stated, “Our audiences are huge fans of the toy, comics, movies and video games, and for us to continue the legend with the Combiner Wars is a unique story-telling opportunity”.

Personally, I find this all quite intriguing, though I will have to wait till I can see more before I role out a proper verdict… See what I did there.

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