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14 episodes confirmed for Doctor Who’s tenth season

February 8th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Steven Moffat

You’ve probably got your own opinions on the BBC’s decision to bump Doctor Who from this year’s BBC1 schedule because sport. Odin knows, we have.

However, following his recent award the newly-minted Steven Moffat OBE has confirmed that the next season of Doctor Who will have fourteen episodes in total. Speaking after the ceremony, Moffat said of his upcoming work schedule:

Ahead of me this year I have 14 Doctor Whos and 3 Sherlock films, so the last thing I’m doing is contemplating work beyond that. But the day’s coming when I’ll have to.

From that, we can draw that the fourteen episodes in question are likely to consist of the 2016 and 2017 Christmas Specials and twelve episodes in a year and a bit (assuming the Beeb doesn’t bump it again) before the reins are handed over to Chris Chibnall. Which isn’t ideal, but, well…

Look, the last few years of Who have seen Moffat divide audiences to some extent, especially, in some quarters, with the creation of River Song. It’s true that Peter Capaldi’s first season was far from brilliant, but the quality picked up in the last season and lest we forget, this was the man who gave us gas mask zombies, the Weeping Angels, the Vashta Narada and the epic 50th anniversary storyline that ran through Name, Night, Day and Time of the Doctor. Despite everything, I for one will miss his contribution to Who and wish him well.

Hopefully Chibnall will be able to devote full time to the series and not have to spend 75% of his time writing three Sherlock Holmes adaptations a year…

Source: Doctor Who TV

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