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Critters coming to the small screen

January 12th, 2018 by Dave Bowling Comments

80s comedy horror schlock-fest Critters is heading for a TV screen near you.

A series titled Critters: A New Binge has been commissioned by Verizon’s go90 streaming service. Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. Television’s digital studio, will produce the series and filming is expected to start early this year. Original film series producers Rupert Harvey and Barry Opper have signed on, and Jordan Rubin will write and direct the series.

The announcement included a short synopsis:

“The critters return to Earth in search of one of their kin, who was left behind years ago during an earlier mission. They land in Burbank, Calif., where they wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families.”

For the uninitiated, the Critters series featured a race of carnivorous aliens called Krites and their interactions with humans. The ravenous Critters exist only to eat and breed and frequently chow their way through anyone and anything. Four movies were made between 1986 and 1992, with the series noted for its creative (if low-budget) effects and dark humour. Hopefully the TV show will maintain the use of practical effects.

Critters: A New Binge will begin filming early in 2018.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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