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Doctor Who to see return of the original Cybermen

March 7th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

The BBC have released a new on-set photo from the last two episodes of Doctor Who series 10.

The episodes, currently filming as we type, feature the return of an old version of an old foe. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Peter Capaldi versus the 1966 Cybermen:

The original version of the Cybermen, and incidentally the ones that did for the First Doctor back in The Tenth Planet, are making a return in all their lo-fi ‘glory’. That story, set in 1986, saw the rogue planet Mondas re-entering the solar system and its population of cybernetically-enhanced humanoids launch an invasion of Earth to drain its energy to power their civilisation. This adventure proved to be the last straw for the increasingly-frail First Doctor, who had been on the decline since fighting off the Daleks earlier in the series. The question is, how are the old Cybermen going to fit in with nu-Who’s design aesthetic?

The Cybermen have evolved over the years as more money became available for costumes, going from the decidedly low-tech look above to spray-painted wetsuits, to spray-painted RAF flightsuits and moon boots, to silver Doc Martins and cricket gloves, before their (thankfully) properly metallic look with the Cybus and Nightmare in Silver redesigns. It’ll be interesting to see just how Steven Moffat manages this in what will be his last episodes of the series proper, before his departure as showrunner after this year’s Christmas special.

Doctor Who returns to our screens on 15 April on BBC One.

Source: BBC

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