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Krysten Ritter talks Jessica Jones appearing in Avengers: Infinity Wars

February 23rd, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Krysten Ritter on the set of 'Jessica Jones'

Could Jessica Jones, Marvel’s arse-kicking superhuman private detective, be headed for the big screen in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars? Krysten Ritter certainly hopes so.

At a panel at the Wizard World Portland convention last weekend, Ritter was asked about the possibility of Jones and the rest of New York-centric comic superhero team The Defenders joining Infinity War. Her response was slightly guarded:

That’s an interesting question because I love Jessica and I love any opportunity to play her. Obviously, it’d be really exciting to be a part of those giant, huge movies with those great characters who are already established, so it’d be awesome.

However, she isn’t slow to point out the differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its rather darker Nexflix cousins:

I’m also really lucky because our Netflix playground is so unique and so grounded and gritty and more adult. I don’t think it’s quite R-rated but it’s close. There’s some sex scenes. So, a little bit of both! It’d be awesome if I got to pop up somewhere else. There’s always the chance that could happen. I don’t really know, they don’t tell me anything, so I’m totally stoked about the playground on Netflix.

While it’s true that the actors are more often than not the last to hear about cameos like this, let’s be honest here: if there’s going to be an appearance in the MCU by Daredevil and the rest of the New Yoik-based superhuman community that aren’t Spider-Man, we want the TV cast to play them. Because, frankly, these guys have been doing an awesome job to date.

Can you hear me, Disney?


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