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No Arrow/Flash crossovers currently planned for Legends of Tomorrow

January 21st, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments


legends of tomorrow


So, Warner Bros Arrow and Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow is making its debut in the US tonight.

However, beyond the two-part pilot, don’t expect there to be any crossovers with the parent shows in the first season. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed to IGN that the main characters will spend the rest of the 16-episode first season wandering through time and space like a mad man with a box:

We want to create a time travel show, and once you’re doing that, you’re not interacting with your other characters, which I think we were all very fine with. There’s no plan to return them to their sister shows any time soon. We really love the ensemble that we’ve built, and a big part of the cache of the show is the dynamic between this group of people. While we always say it’s fun to mix and match and constantly replenish the team, we don’t want to do that without losing the magic that we currently have.

Although with that in mind, there’s still (limited) crossover potential with the team encountering past or alternate-reality versions of Cisco, Damien Darhk and Ra’s al Ghul, with some credence being given to the possibility of young Oliver Queen or Barry Allen cropping up. There’s been no word on how the series will end at episode 16, but Guggenheim and the production team are already looking to the future (no pun intended) and assuming a full second season of 20-odd episodes:

It’s just an assumption. I haven’t heard anything, it’s not official, it’s just we’ve been assuming it, and even in our little discussions, when we assume it, we’ve been saying we’ll probably try to break up that 20-plus season, or whatever number it is, into two halves.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres on The CW Network on 21 January 2016.

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