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SDCC: Heroes get Reborn

July 13th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments

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The Heroes panel at SDCC was quite busy, but creator Tim Kring has been chatting about details of the upcoming sequel series Heroes Reborn.

In a conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Kring confirmed that Hayden Panettiere’s near-indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet will be staying dead. Kring did discuss the return of her father Noah, played by Jack Coleman:

“Noah Bennet is a key [returning] character who is still very much dealing with the death of his daughter and it is a part of his story. You’re watching a man dealing with the idea of the loss of his daughter that happened prior to our story. We deal directly with that that death. Her death is the key part of the plot.”

He added that Claire’s death would serve as the catalyst that brings Noah into the story and that it will not just be glossed over. In the five years since the end of series 4, augmented people have become common knowledge and are known as Evo’s. Kring explained that, much like The X-Men, “being an Evo is not a good thing. Having these powers is not a good thing because it means you are going to be persecuted and hunted and your life is going to be hell.

Heroes Reborn premiers on 24 September on NBC

Source: Comic Book Resources

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