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Supergirl producers not eager to bring in other heroes

March 3rd, 2017 by Dave Bowling 1 Comment

Bouncing around alternate timelines and parallel universes is currently all the rage for The CW’s DC television shows.

Well, kinda. Despite being set in a parallel universe to the rest of the DC TV-verse (Earth-38 to be precise), the showrunners aren’t in any hurry to either go world-hopping or bring in their versions of Green Arrow or The Flash.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg isn’t wanting to bring in anyone from Team Arrow or Team Flash for a while. It’s not any kind of professional prejudice on their part; it’s just that of they open the gates on one character, they’ll have to do it for all of them sooner or later. In a talk with IGN this week, he said:

The problem with that is it feels to us like if we do that once, we’re going to open the floodgates of insanity. It’s like Supergirl’s over here, and it’s its own show. Technically speaking, it’s just another Earth, the same way Earth-2 is or Earth-3 or Earth-19. So technically speaking, there should be an Alex Danvers on Earth-1, or Earth Prime. But if we start doing that, I just feel like… Not that all hell hasn’t broken loose already, but unless we had a really good story for it.

So it’s not a case of never; it’s just that the show has too much on with its own storylines fight now. Which is fair enough considering the show’s current busy schedule. Still, it’s be good to see what’s happening in Central and Star cities over on Earth-38. Wait, does this make us Earth-0? I mean, Marvel is Earth-616, and why do I suddenly taste copper…?

Source: io9


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