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Young Justice to return?

February 10th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Like an overzealous X-Men writer, there seems to be no stopping Netflix brining stuff back from the dead.

After a very long delay, series 2 of critically-acclaimed if somewhat overly complicated teen superhero drama Young Justice is joining series 1 on Netflix. It’s fair to say that show creator Greg Weisman is happy about it:

Weisman has a track record of producing decent animated series’, many of which seem to get sabotaged by internal politics. Spectacular Spider-Man was sunk by Marvel’s buy-out by Disney; Young Justice was ended because Mattell decided they weren’t moving enough toys; and the less said about the third season of Gargoyles that Weisman wasn’t involved in, the better. So if he’s teasing the possibility of more Robin-led superhero shenanigans, then there’s a real potential for it being great. Watch this space for more info as and when we know about it.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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