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TV PREDICTIONS: The Walking Dead predictions for the second half of season 4!

February 9th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Space Chief

We’re halfway through the fourth season of The Walking Dead and February can’t come fast enough as we wait for the second half!

A few weeks ago FTN Editor Jake Tanner asked your friendly neighborhood Space Chief what I thought would happen in the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. He also asked me if I would write those predictions down and go head-to-head against him in an epic, Thunderdome style prediction-off. Okay, so it didn’t go down exactly like that but I thought I did pretty well overall and it turns out we had so much fun with the article we thought we would do it again and throw out some early predictions for the upcoming second half of the fourth season. 

I think that the ninth episode will start off with Rick and Carl fleeing the prison and we will follow Rick and Carl for the entire episode or at least most of it with brief glimpses of what the other survivors are doing. I think it is possible for this Rick and Carl arc to last more than one episode as the group in the comics were separated after the prison for a time.

My second prediction is that Rick will get the flu and become very weak to the point of near death. Having very few supplies and being separated from the group, Carl will step up and take care of Rick while fending off zombies and looking for food and medicine for his father. Carl will also have to keep a nightly watch over Rick to make sure he doesn’t die in the night, reanimate, and attack him in his sleep. This part of the comic time line was a turning point for the character and I think the show has been building toward this all season. We’ve seen Carl impress Rick with his honesty, maturity and survival skills over and over so it seems likely, to me at least, that this will happen. 

Rick and Carl will take shelter in an abandoned house and after Rick begins to recover the two will decide to hit the road. They have exhausted most of the supplies Carl has been able to recover from the neighboring houses and they need to see if they can find any surviving members of the group.

On the road, Rick and Carl will come across a lone survivor surrounded by Walkers and notice he has a car loaded with supplies. Carl will want to attempt to rescue this person but Rick will stop him and tell him it’s too late and that they should just take the supplies and let the surrounded guy be a Walker distraction. This will once again confuse Carl on what kind of man his father is.

Glenn, Maggie and some of the other survivors will have made it back to Hershel’s Farm finding that the herd of Walkers has moved on. Tyreese, Lizzie, her sister, the other little girl and Judith will be out on their own as well I think. I can only guess that Lizzie and her sister are taking the place of the twin boys that Andrea and Dale adopted after their father Allen died in the comic. In the comic story, one of the twins was a psychopath that eventually brutally murdered his own brother. He was also known to have killed small animals and as you’ll recall, Tyreese found a small animal dissected and pinned to a wall in the prison. This leads me to believe that Tyreese will notice Lizzie’s strange behavior and he will catch her either attempting to or succeeding at killing Judith or her own sister.  I’m guessing Judith could be the one considering Rick has to break the news to Tyreese about Carol and now Tyreese will have to explain to Rick about what happened to Judith. This will lead Carl to exact deadly revenge on Lizzie the way he did on the boy in the comic. In the comic arc, no one knew what to do with a child psychopath. There were no psychologists around and the only solution they had was to lock the boy up in a van. Carl, being a child of the apocalypse, recognized the threat, snuck out in the middle of the night, and ended that threat. I think we’ll see a similar scenario on the show.

By the middle of episode eleven, Rick and Carl will have met up with Michonne. At some point in episode twelve, Rick, Carl and Michonne will come across Tyreese and the kids. Depending on my predictions in the previous paragraph this could go down a lot of different ways but whatever the outcome, Glenn and Maggie will find everyone and they will all head back to the farm to regroup.

In the last episode, everyone that made it out of the prison will be reunited at the farm for a brief rest. Before anyone can get too comfortable, a familiar flatbed, military truck that all of us comic fans have been waiting for is gonna roll up outside. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are finally here! Abraham will explain that a massive herd of the undead are headed straight for them and they need to come with him to Washington. He will tell them that Eugene is a government scientist and knows what is causing the dead to rise. If they can just get to Washington they can stop the apocalypse. 

One last addition to my predictions, I think we will at least get a glimpse of where Carol is and what she is up to. She may even show up at the farm with Abraham being unaware that the prison was attacked and believing the farm to be deserted and possibly containing supplies left behind after the herd attacked.

So far I am pretty satisfied with the way the show adapts the comic story and have learned to keep the two of them separate in my head. I appreciate that they are not exactly the same and the changes do keep it from getting stale. In the comic world, weeks, months, even years can be covered in a few panels. With a long-running TV series, ideas that can be conveyed in a couple of panels and dialogue boxes need to be fleshed out and expanded upon for the motion picture medium. In my opinion the creators of The Walking Dead do an excellent job of this. 

AMC and the creators of The Walking Dead TV series took a concept I thought would never get a chance, took it seriously, and created a masterpiece and I for one cannot wait for its return!



The long wait is finally over! Yes folks, The Walking Dead Season 4 is once again upon us (finally) and I’ve given myself the nearly impossible task of following up the Space Chief with my set of second half predictions!

I agree with a lot of what Chief is predicting with where our characters are going to end up. I think the second half of this season will focus more on the individual survivors because the group has been fractured. This time will give the ‘secondary’ cast of characters a chance to shine as all of the leaders of the group are going to have to go through their own journeys of self discovery and will have to try to find peace after what happened to Herschel.

I think, like SC, that Rick will fall sick with an ailment due to the fact that he’s so weak after his beating at the hands of the Governor. We will get the moment in which Carl is forced to watch over his father constantly for fear of him dying and turning, but I think the main focus will actually be on how much Carl has grown as an individual and how he’s become a man in the face of the end of the world. Unlike Chief though, I think that Abraham and his crew will come across Rick and Carl before they meet up with the rest of the group. In the face of an immediate danger, like a herd maybe, Rick, Carl, Abraham, and the rest will be forced to travel together. I think the focal point of this will be how impressed Abraham is with how mature Carl is despite still being a child.

I’ve suspected that Lizzie is the person responsible for all the fuss over the rats in the prison since the events started. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way, and I think we’ll see that come full-circle when she’s on the road with her sister and Tyreese. As for Judith, I seem to be one of the few people that think she’s actually dead. She didn’t last long in the book, and it serves the story more to not bring her back than it does to force her into it just because she’s a baby. Her death at the prison will serve the dual purpose of having that major character death that Rick and Carl will have to deal with while trying to survive.

I think the two people we’ll see featured more than normal will be Michonne and Daryl. I know that they’re both considered ‘main’ characters, but I feel that so far this season, they haven’t had the opportunity to really grow as on-screen characters. This will definitely be remedied in the second half of season 4. I think they’ll each get their ‘own’ episode in which they’re the only person really featured. I also think we may even get some flashbacks into each of their ‘origins’ and get a bit of back story for each of the show’s two most popular characters.

Daryl had more at the prison than he’s ever had in his life. He was ‘the man’ and had a huge group of people look up to him. He also had a family setting, full of people who actually gave a damn and even loved him and cared about his well being. His episode will focus on his past, and how much he’s changed going forward. When we first met Daryl he would’ve handled what happened at the prison differently than the Daryl we see before us now. I think that point is really going to get hammered home.

As for Michonne, she’s had that setting in which she felt loved before. I think her episode will focus more on having to constantly deal with the loss of having people ripped out of her life. Everyone she’s gotten close to has either been killed or separated from her and I think her episode will focus on her coming to terms with that. Each of these episodes from Daryl and Michonne will not only give these characters their due, but will show us just how much they’ve grown as people since we first met them.

Chief will most likely get most of his predictions right….again, but I hope a few of mine do too. Either way, the second half of season 4 is sure to be everything I’ve come to love about the show and so much more!

Do you guys have your own predictions for the show? Join in the conversation and comment below and tell us what you think!



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