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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Agents of SHIELD S01E15 “Yes Men”

March 12th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Many people, including yours truly at times, have wondered why Agents of Shield has gone for that big inclusion to truly show it’s connected to the Marvel Universe. Sure, they’ve had Maria Hill, Victoria Hand, and he who is Nick Fury. But when you think about it, those are all SHIELD characters. Where were the characters we all knew existed but haven’t showed up? After a long wait, “Yes Men” brought us that character.

Straight from Asgard came Lady Sif and Lorelei, two very powerful women who were about to shake up our planet, albeit in very different ways.

Lorelei is here to do one thing, control men (of course), and take over the world. Sure, sounds about right. Sif has been ordered by Odin himself to bring her back, and she comes (very epically) to SHIELD asking for help.

“Yes Men” was a very fun episode for many reasons. One of them was the complete opposite approaches and interactions Sif and Lorelei took during the episode. One was rather blunt and rude, while the other was compassionate, understanding, and non-patronizing. I’ll let you guess which was which.

It was fun seeing Sif back, especially with her rather small parts in the first two Thor films. We got to see her be herself in both personality and in skill as she delivered some very epic fight scene moments. Yet also, we got to see her softer side, a more vulnerable side, especially in her talks with May as she mentioned losing a loved one to Lorelei’s spell. It was a simple moment that held a lot of weight, and a very foreboding moment in what was to come.

Obviously, the main point of the episode was the hunt for Lorelei. This had some ups and downs. Her jumping from strong male to strong male was entertaining, but it was almost annoying at times hearing her talk about our world, she was so clueless. Then when you saw her talk with Ward you knew where things were headed.

This actually led to one of the biggest problems of the episode. Sif warned them of Lorelei’s power, to enchant men. Multiple times in fact, and then they saw firsthand what she can do. Yet Coulson sends Ward to make sure she didn’t escape out the back? Not May? Even after we saw her load up in the armory with the ICE’ers? It just didn’t feel right.

As was Lorelei’s *ahem* interaction with Ward after she controlled him; the only saving grace was when she talked about her time in prison and what torture she endured. That part felt sincere at least, and led to the very cool climax.

The plane scene was very well done, even with Fitz acting like an idiot after being controlled. Sif showed why she’s one of the best warriors in Asgard, all the while delivering a great one-liner. We also got the matchup we all wanted to see, May vs. Ward! It was epic, right up until the end. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing that ended.

The relationship between Ward and Mary was one of the big surprises in the early season. Yet after what happened with Lorelei, you start to wonder why it happened at all. Especially if what she said was true, and was referencing THAT person.

Thankfully though, the Asgardian storyline didn’t take up the full hour. Coulson showed he was bent on discovering who, or what, the blue man was we saw in T.A.H.I.T.I. Fury is currently off-grid (so says the returning Agent Sitwell!), but Coulson wasn’t giving up, going so far as to ask Sif what he might have been. Many fans have wondered if the being was a Kree, hearing that namedrop from Sif might fuel that theory even more; even though she did list off at least 7 other alien races.

The end was a stunner in multiple facets, as Coulson told Skye (who was way too chill about this) about the alien, and proclaimed they would find out what’s going on, and punish who was responsible; which means they’re going to find Fury. Little did they know though that a certain “friend” of theirs was listening, and told someone quite simply, “He knows.”

“Yes Men” was the episode many of us wanted. Yet maybe it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining ride that allowed many characters to shine; especially Sif, May, and Coulson. We have another break before the next episode, let’s hope they keep up the momentum this one set up.

4 out of 5 nerds


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