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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Clone Wars SO5EO12 Missing In Action

January 6th, 2013 by Marc Comments

While stranded on a mission, the D-Squad led by Colonel Gascon discovers a Separatist plot and a Clone Commando with amnesia.

When I started this episode up in all honesty I was hoping we would have moved on to a new story arc. Though I have actually liked the droid story line, the lack of Jedi action has been gnawing at me, however this episode was saved by a seldom character, Gregor. While reconning the planet the D-Squad are stranded on they happen upon a clone trooper who has forgotten who he was and was being taken advantage of by a local proprietor, using the clone as menial labor in his place of business. Gascon and the droids help the clone remember who he is and along the way discover a Separatist plot to destroy a Jedi cruiser.

While this episode did kick off in a rather boring fashion, things got all the more interesting when Gascon meets Gregor and they unravel in quick fashion the mystery surrounding who he is. Though the mystery didn’t last long, it was compelling enough to get me involved with episode. Once Gregor armors up and we see him in full Clone Commando glory then I instantly had to add a few nerds (from our rating system) to this episode. Seeing Gregor in action was brilliant and awe-inspiring. I was hooked on every blaster bolt fired as Gregor took on a whole battalion of Separatist droids on his own. Though I loved this scene to death, I still couldn’t help but notice that the Sep droids are terrible shots as they couldn’t even hit Gregor even though he spent 80% of the battle without cover, including a bit where Gregor dodges blaster fire with the head movement of a boxer.

I can’t lie here folks, I’m a softy. It doesn’t take more then an emotionally driven moment and some dramatic music to get my tear ducts flowing.  I actually like this kind of material, as it’s a sign of great writing and direction. This came in spades here, while I didn’t cry or anything (seriously folks, I’d admit it if I did.), Gregor sacrificing his life so that Gascon and D-Squad so escape did pull some of my emotional strings. I can only hope that he escaped some how and that we will see him again. It’s kind of funny that clones like Rex and Cody I became endeared to over the course of the show, but it took about 20 minutes to draw a connection to Gregor.

Overall, what could’ve been a weak episode was turned around quickly with the introduction of Gregor. Though I’m sure we will see more of D-Squad next week, I seriously hope they reveal Gregor’s final fate next week, and that we get some Jedi action. Even though from time to time the Clone Wars does present some weak episodes, the writing is always top notch and this week was no exception. I do have to take a nerd for the slow start, but if not for Gregor it could’ve been a lot worse.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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