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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Clone Wars SO5EO19 To Catch A Jedi

February 26th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

To Catch A Jedi was another thrilling installment in the fugitive Ahsoka arc leading into next week’s season finale. One testament to its brilliance is the fact that my wife is actually watching now. I’ve been with her for three years and had yet to get her interested in the show, but the last two episodes have got her watching alongside me, and its been really nice to share it with her. Ahsoka escapes to the lower levels of Coruscant in order to begin an investigation to clear her name, and in the process makes a strange bedfellow in Asajj Ventress. I loved this team up on many levels, but the biggest is the fact that the Clone Wars has become their show. The show started with a focus mainly on Anakin, and there are plenty of characters that we already know plenty about like Dooku, but the Clone Wars has made Ventress and Ahsoka fully realized characters who in many ways are more popular now than Anakin and the rest. Having an episode focused around these two must’ve caused nerdgasms worldwide.

The Jedi Council scene was interesting in that nobody but Anakin and Plo Kloon believe Ahsoka is innocent. I was gravely disappointed when Yoda declared that Ahsoka must be guilty. Where is the Jedi solidarity here? I also found it odd that none of the grandmasters could feel the darkside influence at work here. One of the strangest moments came Anakin declared Ahsoka must be innocent because she’s running, no person who works in law enforcement thinks that way, if you are running it only makes you look more guilty. Still, I can’t believe that the Jedi Council had at least a little doubt about Ahsoka being guilty.

Her time on the run was hugely exciting, from the scene on the train to the one in the elevator with the Twi’lek child. I love a good fugitive on the run story because they always offer those exciting moments like we saw with Ahsoka dodging the police forces on the train. Her walking off the train right into that police squad elicited an audible gasp from me. Another great moment had to be when Ahsoka and Ventress are cornered by a group of shocktroopers. Ahsoka has a justified concern that Ventress would kill them, so it was nice to see that Ventress surprises Ahsoka by not doing so, and that subtle look of comfort when Ahsoka realizes Ventress is not killing them, allowing Ahsoka to settle into kicking butt.

As they garner a lead that could help Ahsoka, the manufacturing plant where the nano droids were produced that blew up the hangar in the Jedi Temple, Ventress and Ahsoka part ways. That’s when it happened; whoever is pulling the strings behind Ahsoka’s frame up attacks Ventress, steals her mask, and then attacks Ahsoka. I had begun to suspect that it might be Darth Maul working for Sidious, but I think at one point I may have seen a female form, though the lighting and the costume were both darkened, probably so to not give anything away. The mystery figure sets up Ahsoka once again as the shocktroopers show up just in time for Ahsoka to look even guiltier by being surrounded by the weapons that were used to frame her in the first place.

So Ahsoka is now back in custody and it looks like next week’s finale will see Ahsoka put on trial. A week or so ago I wrote an article about what I would like to see happen with Ahsoka post Clone Wars, and I wrote that I would like to see her turn to the darkside. If Ahsoka is found guilty and the Jedi Order does not have her back we may see that happen, especially if her relationship with Ventress continues. Well, another great installment of the Clone Wars is in the books, and though next week’s finale looks like it won’t be slammed with action, we may see some good stuff happening.

On a side note, I am hearing news that the suits at Disney aren’t keen on the Clone Wars and that the show may not last to see another season. Make your voices heard, suits don’t think with their hearts like fans do, they’re concern is numbers and profitability. If you don’t want to see the Clone Wars go the way of Green Lantern and Young Justice then make your voices heard!

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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