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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agent Carter Season 01 Episode 06: A Sin To Err

February 11th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


I find that the reason I really like Agent Carter is not only because the main two characters (Peggy and Jarvis) are amazing, but the stuff that happens in the show has an outrageous believability that wouldn’t work in other show, including Agents of Shield.

“A Sin To Err” was really a capper on 5 episode of buildup. From Leviathan, to Stark, to Angie, Peggy, the SSR, all of it came to the forefront in a rather interesting way. Leaving me to wonder how this season is going to end.

To start, I like how we were shown the “recruitment” of members to Leviathan. On a side note, that Russian girl looked like Dottie, or was that just me thinking that? Anyway, in typical Agent Carter fashion, it was Peggy who saw the true danger between the smokescreen. Realizing that it was the Black Widow girls (for lack of a better term) that were the real danger, and that it was no doubt one of them that got the info needed to break into Stark’s vault. This led to a HILARIOUS set of scenes in which Jarvis to the fall (and the hits) for his employer Stark for his…treatment…of his…uh…former love interests?

The dynamic between Peggy and Jarvis truly is something to behold. If every show had something like this? A lot of shows would be more memorable. Moving on, the following scenes of Sousa truly figuring it out about Peggy, leading to the epic restroom brawl was fun. Especially when Peggy was able to deduce in seconds what was happening around her. All from hearing the diner go quiet! And though technically I know she felt no joy beating up those agents (they were technically good guys), you had to feel she liked it a bit to show she was better at fighting than the men. If nothing else, she probably liked hitting Thompson, who more-or-less went back to the jerk he was before.

Also, how about Dooley being surprised Carter took out all the guys? Great stuff. Also great was the reveal that the therapist Peggy “saved” last episode was actually a Leviathan spy! Didn’t see that coming. I was just waiting for Dottie to pull that trigger…and yet it was all a clever ruse to get a message out. That was very cool.


Props to the therapist too, he played his part perfectly, getting both Dooley and Yauch under his power (one more than the other) was both thrilling and chilling. And very spy-like for the time period we’re in.

The showstoppers were easily the scenes at the Griffith. As Peggy was literally dangling on the edge about to be caught, when Angie was the one who saved her, twice technically. I’ve been on the fence about Angie during the series, but this episode showed she’s a class act, and a worthy friend.

And then there’s Dottie. Yeah…her sniper scene was excellent. Her “interaction” with Peggy in the hallway? Didn’t add up. Yes, knockout (ha, ha, ha) lipstick is a classic spy trick, don’t get me wrong. But why do that, and THEN kill her. If anything. Why not kiss her and stab her at the same time? Why wait? That actually proved to be her downfall as Sousa and Thompson came in second behind her. True, if she did kill Peggy she might have been caught too, but I have feeling she might’ve beaten them all up and got away anyway. Black Widow after all.

Now, with Peggy and Steve’s blood both back at the SSR, and Dottie (by all looks and purposes) coming after them both, things are about to heat up. We only have a few episodes left, let’s hope they keep rolling!

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