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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agent Carter Season 01 Episode 07: Snafu

February 18th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Being the first of the last two episodes of the season (and possibly the series), Agent Carter truly went all out to deliver a memorable episode with twists and turns abound.

As expected, Peggy got interrogated for her “crimes”, what made “Snafu” so fun though, was seeing Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley go at her, and Peggy not flinch. She not only used their own personalities against them, she finally (FINALLY!) got to speak her mind about what she did, and what she didn’t do, and how the others (see: any man in the room save for Jarvis) saw her as nothing more than a secretary, eye candy, or a wounded kitten. This has a been a moment Peggy has wanted for a while, and Hayley Atwell delivered it magnificently.

This of course led to the hilarious arrival of Jarvis. From his epic entrance (“I’ve been questioned here before), to his “confession” about the “confession” of Howard Stark, Jarvis was amazing. Again, aside from Peggy, he’s my favorite character.

Of course, the whole thing was more or less a diversion, as Dottie and Ivchenko plotted to get Leviathan’s endgame into motion. I liked how it was Peggy and Jarvis who noticed what was going on, and did what they could to right the SSR’s ship. Ivchenko himself actually got a lot of screen time here, as we got to see the origin of his ability if you well. The opening scene with the Russian soldier was curious at first to be sure. But after the mind games he placed on Dooley, it all became clear.

It was fascinating watching him work, and try to figure out what he, and by extension Leviathan, wanted. The obvious answer was Steve Roger’s blood, but that was a trick well laid. The true object was something much more terrifying. Truly, that scene in the movie theater might just haunt younger viewers.


Speaking of haunting, Dottie continued to show her efficiency by taking down many SSR agents. The stair descent was a little cheesy…ok it was really cheesy. But hey, it’s the Russians, who better than them to pull a move like that?

It was only a matter of time before we got a death that mattered on the show. Dooley’s death may or may not have been surprising depending on what you saw, but it’s impact was felt. From the talk about how to disarm the armor (Stark’s and their armor…), to Dooley’s noble sacrifice, and his request that his wife be told he was sorry about missing dinner, it was a true heroes sendoff.

There were a few small hiccups in this episode, the stair descent, Dooley tipping off Ivchenko too easily, other bits of dialogue, but overall, “Snafu” was a really good episode. It’s unclear what the endgame is per se, but next we’re guaranteed to find out, one way or the other.

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