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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 07: Chaos Theory

November 11th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Man, you can really summarize this week’s worth of superhero shows as the “monsters” week. And Agents of Shield showed off theirs in full force as Lash took the spotlight. With his shocking reveal last week, you had to wonder how long he would last, if he lasted at all. What we got was a gripping case of dual motives and loves, as well as several other interesting tidbits and stories.

It was good to see May in such a strong story this week.  As she should naturally, as Andrew is her love, and now a monster, so it should’ve been her to deal with this. But more than that, we got to see so many sides of May it was amazing. From her calm side in the flashbacks, to her hard as nails side as she interrupted Andrew with the inhuman (who was the one we met in the premiere), to her more compassionate side as she tried to understand and reason with Andrew. It was all great stuff.

Then there was Andrew, who had to sell the fact that he was a monster…but didn’t want to be one. The way he got turned into an Inhuman was very important. Cause if it was random? It would’ve lost it’s punch. But for him to be transformed cause of a booby trap? That was awesome. As was him trying to convince May (and possibly himself) that he wasn’t a true monster, but a necessary purpose.

Which…brings us to Lincoln. While his reintroduction may have been rushed in a way, it did serve a bigger purpose, as he clued everyone in that Lash was SHIELD. And that led to everyone learning about Andrew, which of course led to a fun showdown and fight scene. Lash’s resolution may have been quick, but I suspect he’ll be back.

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Then…of course…there was “Friend Zone Fitz”. Who, via Simmons, heard and saw all the recordings she made while she was on the other planet. Seriously, how much can they put Fitz through? Even after he tried to rationalize what she said, only for her to say that she meant it…yet you KNOW she still wants to be with Will…what the heck??!?!? I’ll give both of them credit, the scenes were well done, but I’m still not a fan of what they did to them.

Then, there was the reveal that Rosalind is not only with Coulson…but that she’s also an unknowing pawn of Hydra!

“Chaos Theory” made some interesting change ups in some of the people of SHIELD and their friends/allies. With bad things spreading, and Ward prepping his next move. This might just get more and more intense.



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