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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 6: Among Us Hide…

November 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

Among Us Hide

Ok…I did not see that coming. At all. Andrew is Lash? Holy cow. To be fair, I did call that Andrew was alive, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity it would be. I would also like to note the false advertising of the preview for this episode, as it clearly said that Andrew had died, and that May and Bobbi were going into a trap. Neither was true, for shame ABC!!!

Moving on. “Among Us Hide…” dealt with the immediate fallout from two episodes back (the Simmons special was last week remember) and boy was it brutal at times. May wanted to kill Hunter, who still believed himself justified in what he did. And then subsequently spent the whole episode hilariously trying to prove his worth to anyone who would give him a chance. Seriously, Hunter was my MVP here in this episode.

I will give this show props for not only having May and Bobbi fight each other (epically) but also having them team up to find the young Von Strucker, who had panicked after (as we would find out) seeing Andrew transform into Lash. Yeah…that’d scare me too. However, some of what May did was way off, even in her “grief”. And Bobbi being hesitant to fight, after almost begging Coulson to let her go on a mission two episodes back was really off.

An interesting tidbit was the parallel storylines featuring Coulson and Daisy. As one was working with the ATCU, while the other was trying to figure out if Lash was IN the ATCU. Only for the two storylines to converge and an interesting (and somewhat disturbing) truth was brought to light. I’m not sure why they didn’t have a Daisy/Coulson confrontation about what was in the warehouse, but maybe they’re just waiting to give it a full moment instead of something rushed.


And of course, “Friend Zone Fitz” was again working to help save Simmons “lost” boyfriend. Hunter’s “advice” to him was hilarious, and you have to wonder not only when we’ll see Wil returned, but what will happen when he does.

“Among Us Hide” may not have been the “OH MY GOSH” episode that one might expect from the 50th episode. But it did drop the Lash bombshell that I’m sure no one expected. Where it goes from here will be interesting. Most likely things will start to drop next episode cause May knows. But we’ll see.


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