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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 05 Episode 17: The Honeymoon

April 14th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

First off, sorry for not doing the last two episode reviews. I forgot about one and I was at a Con last week. But, I’m back now! And honestly, “The Honeymoon” was a really good episode (the last two in my mind, weren’t). The reason for this is because it advanced things in many ways and yet also focused on the little moments that helped sell everything.

For example, Coulson and Talbot’s escape, the fight between Daisy and Ruby, the FitzSimmons/Yo-Yo mission, and even the sideplot with Talbot, all of it was very well done. Ruby really came into her own this episode, her talks with Quake, Strucker, and her mother really helped elevate the character beyond what she was before. It made her more sympathetic, and villainous.

The side mission of FitzSimmons/Yo-To was also very compelling. They found the rebirth chamber and did their best to destroy it, but fate/destiny wouldn’t allow that to happen so easily. And now they may be the reason the world ends. One small detail I liked was how Yo-Yo’s arms shortcircuited when she used her speed. They didn’t have to do this detail, no one would’ve blinked if she used it in the way it was intended and chalked up no side effects to the brilliance of Fitz. Yet, they committed to it, and now Yo-Yo has to deal with this limitation for a while.

I was surprised by the depth of Talbot in this episode. He’s often come off as a one-note character, but the events of the last few episodes proved he was more than that, and that twist in the end, going back to Season 02 of the show, was a nice touch.

Now…while Deek trying to save Daisy was cool, and Mack/Piper saving him via “surgery” was cool…did we really need that drug-filled confession about him liking Daisy? I mean…really? Like Mack motioned to Piper, “what happened in surgery, stays in surgery.”

OH! And Melinda finally admitted she loved Coulson! YES!!!! PHILINDA FOREVER!!!!

In the end, “The Honeymoon” set up some big things for the remainder of the season, and while not everything worked, a lot did, and that has me excited after some rather down episodes.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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