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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 05 Episode 20: The One Who Will Save Us All

May 5th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

So, after the big twist that Talbot was Graviton, we all had to wonder where it would go from here. And “The One Who Will Save Us All” certainly gave us some twists on how things will turn out going into the potential series finale.

First off, it was good that Tablot didn’t go full villain right off the bat. He was still trying to save the world, and he even was able to control the other voices in the Gravitonium, unlike Ruby and Kreel. But, as he kept exerting his will, you knew that it was only a matter of time before things broke down. And a known name was the tipping point of that.

Kasius. No, not the one we met in the future, his father. During the “future imperfect” storyline it seemed obvious that we would meet the father, but after so long away I honestly forgot about him. But when we were shown a blue-faced alien manipulating event, you could just tell it was the father. And sure enough, he’s just as bad as his sons.

I do appreciate the Confederacy were given a bit more depth before being made irrelevant, and the twist that the threat they were fearing was Thanos all along was pretty good…but one that also raised a lot of questions. For Shield could tell that the Marauders ship was in the atmosphere, but no one else could? Yet the various teams of Avengers knew about Thanos and party’s ship? Yeah…no.

Also, we got more clues as to how the Earth is destroyed, apparently, there is more Gravitonium, and it’s below the Earth’s surface…of course.

I also appreciated some of the character drama that happened tonight. From Daisy/Yo-Yo’s epic fight, to Fitz and Mac dealing with what is good and what isn’t, there’s was a lot to like. Though Mac’s take on being good is to keep it “simple” is bumpkiss. No life is that simple.

Hale’s death came as a surprise, but it also was necessary in a way because if she didn’t die in that way someone would’ve asked why they didn’t use the “compliance” protocol when we knew it worked before.

In the end, “The One Who Will Save Us All” did a good job of setting things up for the finale. There’s only one episode left before that finale, so I hope it ramps things up in a big way.

4 out of 5 nerds

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