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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 06 Episode 2: Window Of Opportunity

May 18th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

I find myself really wondering how this season of Agents of Shield is going to play out. Because as of now, we’re two episodes into a shortened season, and I’m really unimpressed with what’s happening, and some of the decisions they’re making is really painful at times. “Window Of Opportunity” did try and make things a little more pronounced, but with little success.

First and foremost, there’s “Sarge”. You know, Not-Coulson…OR IS HE?!?! Yes, because just when you thought Coulson might well and truly be dead (with May enforcing that he is), now they’re planting seeds that he isn’t just some random Multiverse version of Coulson, that he could be the one true Coulson…which sucks. Granted, they could twist this is a good way, and no matter what Earth you’re on, your DNA is likely to match your multiversal-doppleganger, but when Not-Coulson said that his “other name”, “rings a bell”? I couldn’t help but groan so hard.

This is the problem with having Not-Coulson as a villain, because now Shield (and especially May and Mack) are trying to figure out all the ways that Coulson could be alive and in this “form”, and it distracts from the main plot. Which is apparently world destruction (which the trailer for the season sadly spoiled so that ending scene wasn’t that impactful).

I do like that we got to see more of what makes Sarge’s team ticks, including Pax being the one who is doubt what they’re doing. And then you have Jacko the not-so-gentle giant, and Snowflake…who’s a deluded serial killer…but hey! At least it’s something!

And I’ll admit, seeing May struggle with the possibility that Coulson could be alive is compelling…to an extent. But so soon after his “death”? Not so much.

Then, there the Fitz mission, where he got discovered to be Terran…forced to do labor…then had to kill “The Controller” (who clearly wasn’t that and is yet another wasted Marvel character…) to save the crew because he couldn’t let a single person die. Very by the books. As was the whole, “I have time” part in regards to NOT going to the planet he was intending to go to…only for Simmons and crew to show up seconds later!

In the words of Coulson…really?

In the end, “Window of Opportunity” didn’t paint a good picture, and really didn’t improve upon the lackluster season premiere. Things have to pick up soon or it’ll be a waste of a season.

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