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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 7 Episode 11: Brand New Day

August 6th, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

And now…the stage is set for an end that has been known to some for awhile (meaning the cast and crew) and all I can say going into this is…they really should’ve ended it at Season 5.

I know that sounds mean, but if you really think about Season’s 6 and 7, it was all about getting rid of the MCU timeline so that Shield could be its own thing…and that kind of sucks. Because this show was MEANT to be tied into the MCU, even if only loosely. From the fallout of the Hydra storyline, to Coulson being the reason a helicarrier was “reborn” in Age of Ultron and more. Yet as “Brand New Day” all but confirmed…that timeline is gone now. Period. Kora confirmed it, and the stinger ending proved it too.

There is no way this is the same timeline as the original 6 seasons, and more than likely either everyone dies in the series finale, or, they just…exist in the Marvel Universe that stands as a result. Which is…sad.

Granted, the leadup to everything was rather interesting. With Kora “wanting” to be an Agent of Shield, but the others knowing it was somehow a trap. Her asking them to join their “new day” by killing those that could cause untold deaths (Ward shoutout!!!! Still the best character of the series).

Meanwhile, Daisy, Sousa, and Mack tried to be “unpredictable” and find a way to get to the Zephyr to save Simmons. Which I really appreciated that Daisy called her the “real sister” that she had.

And while we FINALLY saw Fitz…it was in flashbacks and still raised more questions than answers. Even Mallick was like, “Screw this” by the end, and honestly…I’m right there with them.

On that note, did they REALLY need to force the ship of Daisy/Sousa? They teased it for all of one episode and now it’s real? I mean…really? Sure, the “Quake” conversation was adorable, but Mack having “the talk” with basically both of them…? Come on.

The stinger at the end was honestly surprising, as they basically wiped out all SHIELD bases from Earth, and it’s going to be interesting to see how everything ends in the 2-hour season finale. But at this point…does it honestly really matter? You could argue it really doesn’t.

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