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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield’s Season 3 Premiere: Laws of Nature

September 30th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

television news banner copy S3Premiere2 After a impressive second season, more than making up for the unevenness of Season 1, it was imperative that Agents of Shield season 3 hit the ground running. And it did! But it did slow down a few times. The opening scene (which was actually released on the internet to further hype the premiere) was great stuff. A simple, yet very effective scene to show that the world wasn’t caught off guard by the rise of the Inhumans. They were prepared, and not in the good way. This of course led to Daisy (not Skye anymore) leading the charge to save a new Inhuman who was having the worst day of his life. While its true that we dealt with Daisy becoming an Inhuman in Season 2, Joey’s experience was much different, and rightfully so. He didn’t have anyone looking out for him, and no one to save him at first, or guide him on the path he would eventually take. Seeing his reaction throughout the episode was powerful stuff. Unfortunately, during the middle section of “Laws of Nature”, things slowed down quite a bit. True, we should expect that in some ways, but some of the stories in the episode and decisions made in the “gap” of seasons 2 and 3 were a bit questionable. Bobbi is a scientist now? True, rehab is taking a while, but it felt a bit odd. Fitz is suddenly a hardened agent who Coulson can’t reel in? Really? Fitz? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see that he’s WAY better off than he was in Season 2, but this just felt too much. Also, why is Lincoln suddenly anti-Daisy and Shield? When they were the reason he’s alive and a ton of people not dead? That was a big turn too. Things did pick up at the end, from the reveal of the ACTU, and how Lash (apparently) is the one taking out Inhumans. His entrance and fight scenes were imposing and intimidating. Hopefully he gets fleshed out more this season. And Rosalind seems like another great foil to Coulson, I loved how she knew a LOT about him, including him being dead beforehand. It’s the little things. And then being funded by the President (who was last seen in Iron Man 3), was another nice touch. CONSTANCE ZIMMER All in all it was great stuff, and the ending scene with Fitz and Simmons was both dramatic and shocking. In the end, “Laws of Nature” set Agents of Shield on a good course. Let’s see how it turns out. nerds4

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