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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 04 Episode 06: Lost Souls

November 12th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Lost Souls

If “Lost Souls” was about anything, it was reclaiming the friends they had lost, no matter the cost, and the sacrifices we have to make in order to get them back. While possibly the weakest episode of the season so far, this episode did speed things along overarching plot wise.

First up, Ray was in trouble, and he needed to be saved. It was very interesting to see the lengths Felicity was going to save Ray. Especially when we find out she spent DAYS in Palmer Tech trying to decipher part of his message so she could find where the messages were coming from. It’s rare that we see Felicity in that kind of narrow-minded obsession mode. It’s honestly reserved for characters other than her, but this was pushing her to the edge, and possibly past it. When we find out that Ray had been sending message for six months, and Felicity had only just gotten them because of the fact she was away with Oliver for so long, you could see how much that shook her.

Don’t get me wrong, when she was threatening to break up the relationship because she “lost herself” in Oliver, I was going to throw a fit. We already them break up because of Oliver last season, only to get back together…and break up…and get back together…so when it DIDN’T happen I had a big sigh of relief.

The breakout of Ray was very fun, especially when Curtis had to join them in order to get the weapon to get Ray back to full size in working order. Curtis is slowly but surely becoming a true member of Team Arrow, I wonder how long it’ll take for him to down a “Terrific” persona for himself…

The only other really big storyline was about Sara. Who is also feeling the effects of being in the Lazarus Pit. My problem here is that they honestly gloss over scenes with her, and then when she goes crazy it’s near identical to what happened with Thea, where this should’ve been somewhat different after Constantine helped get her soul back. I will say this, her leaving to “have a normal life” was nice, as it’s a different path than what Thea took, and you know she’ll be back soon for Legends of Tomorrow along with Ray. So…no harm no foul.

Lost Souls2

The big turn off for me this episode was Felicity’s mother…again. My gosh that woman. Just when you think that she’s going to say something nice and inspirational…she makes it rounchy. Final scene with Felicity excluded, I’ll be fair. But man she is annoying.

I will say this though, the comedy of this episode was off the charts. From Felicity chewing out Oliver (multiple times) to Diggle and Oliver’s chat, and so on, this is the comedy one might expect from the Green Arrow character and his team. Hopefully it continues as time goes on.

Meanwhile, evil plots continue to unfold. As Darhk’s plan for Star City may have just gotten a power source, and in the flashbacks, Baron Blitzkrieg may be close to finding his magical artifact. Hopefully these two stories connect very soon.

“Lost Souls” wasn’t a bad episode, but it honestly dipped in quality. Which I’ll admit was a bit expected given Constantine was a feature in last week’s episode. So, I hope it’ll pick back up soon. Still very excited to see where things go here in Season 04.

3.5 nerds

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