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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 05 Episode 06: So It Begins

November 10th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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And with that…this season just got a lot more interesting! Now, is that big twist for real? Possibly, too soon to say. But it definitely turns things on its head.

“So It Begins” was the big introduction of Prometheus to the Arrow team, though not in the way they were expecting, or even hoping. It was good that there was a lot of shadow games going on, as it put them all on edge as to what was going to happen. And yes, through this cracks formed in the team, but they were good ones more or less.

What I really liked about “So It Begins” was how much it tied back into Arrow Season 01. We all knew the season was going to tie back into it, but it was unclear about how much. When the reveal of The List came about, even I was floored. Because you never expected to hear that again in such context.

Also, the attacks of Prometheus were equal parts haunting and brilliant. He knew how the city would react to his attacks, and he used that to his advantage. The panic scene was really well done, and got to see the full Team Arrow in action in a way we haven’t seen before. It was really nice.

Now, the “divide” that occurs has me torn. On one hand, you can understand that the recruits are mad because Oliver held out on them. But, you can also understand that Ollie and Diggle don’t want them involved until they know what they’re dealing with. After all, they’re new, and untrained still, some more than others. Also though, Prometheus has already proven to be a VERY deadly adversary, and Church alone them all to their limits, so why should Ollie and Dig through a bone when they know it’ll end up with one of them trying to go after Prometheus? Exactly.

One more thing, I didn’t like The List being called “The Kill List”, it’s well documented that Oliver DIDN’T kill a lot of them. He merely scared them into doing what he wanted. Sure, he did kill some, but the way they chatted made it seem like he killed all of them, when he didn’t even come close.

But through this division, we got some nice reflection, including some strong moments for both Ollie and Evelyn. I hope these moments continue as we go on.


I also enjoyed Thea stepping up again to try and help out Star City on the mayoral front. The concert idea was actually quite brilliant. But also, her arc with Lance was very well handled. How that twist will come into play is anyone’s guess right now, but she’ll get involved for sure.

The flashbacks were really fun, as we FINALLY got to see Kovar. And Dolph Lundgren really excelled in his short debut. He played his voice very straight, and it really worked. This could be the best flashback story in a while.

“So It Begins’ really stepped up the quality for Season 05. Prometheus is not to be messed with, and Team Arrow knows that now. What comes next? We’ll find out soon.

OH! And props to Felicity for name dropping Bablyon 5!!!! SO AWESOME!!!

4.5 out of 5 nerds

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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